What is Eurogine-Copper-T?

The Eurogine-Copper-T consists of a T-shaped frame made from Low-density Polyethylene With Barium Sulphate added for X-ray opacity. The device is 32 mm wide and 36 mm long, with a plastic ball at the bottom of the vertical stem to guard against cervical penetration. A small hole may be located on the vertical stem near its junction with the horizontal arms to act as an anchor for the copper wire. The Eurogine-Copper-T has solid copper collars on each of its two horizontal arms. A Pigmented Polyethylene Filament is tied in a knot through a small hole in the ball to provide two equal-length threads as a means to locate and remove the device. The Eurogine-Copper-T is supplied sterile in a sealed primary pack together with an insertion device consisting of a high-density polyethylene tube, a moveable flange, and a rod. You can purchase cheaper Eurogine-Copper-T online from our online medication store.

What Are The Indications of Eurogine-Copper-T?

  • Known or suspected pregnancy
  • Current or recurrent pelvic inflammatory disease
  • Lower genital tract infection
  • Postpartum endometritis
  • Infected abortion during the past three months
  • Untreated cervicitis
  • Untreated cervical dysplasia
  • Untreated uterine or cervical malignancy
  • Undiagnosed abnormal uterine bleeding
  • Copper allergy
  • Wilson’s disease
  • Coagulation disturbances
  • Conditions associated with increased susceptibility to infections.

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Side Effects of Eurogine-Copper-T:

After an IUD has been implanted, some women report to name a few common side effects.

  • Soreness
  • A Backache
  • Mild Cramping
  • Heavier Periods

Cautions To Take Eurogine-Copper-T:

For at least 24 hours following IUD installation, refrain from vaginal intercourse, bathing, swimming, using tampons, or using menstrual cups.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long can I wear Eurogine-Copper-T?

Eurogine-Copper-T, a copper intrauterine device (IUD), is hormone-free and can help women avoid conception for up to ten years without disturbing their fertility.

2. Is Eurogine-Copper-T safe to use?

The Eurogine-Copper-T is a very effective, safe, long-lasting, and easily reversible contraceptive device..

3. Can a guy finish in you with an IUD?

Your uterine lining thins, your cervical mucus thickens, or you cease ovulating depending on the type of IUD you have. The IUD, on the other hand, does not prevent sperm and menstrual blood from entering your vagina and uterus while you are ejaculating.