What is Fillmed®?

Fillmed® has created, developed, and marketed Anti Aging Solution for medical aesthetic experts such as surgeons, dermatologists, and aestheticians. These products improve skin quality while also correcting indications of aging.

How Many Types Of  Fillmed® Products Are Used For Treatment?

  • Fillmed® M-HA 18: Superficial placement to improve skin elasticity and tone and for correction of fine lines and shallow wrinkles such as crow’s feet and fine lines around the mouth.
  • Fillmed® NCTF 135 HA: Mesotherapy for skin rejuvenation, deep rehydration of aging skin, softening of superficial wrinkles, and restoration of lost elasticity.
  • Fillmed® X-HA Volume: Substantial volume creation or restoration to areas like the cheeks, mid-face, chin, facial oval, and temples.
  • Fillmed® X-HA3: Correction of moderate and deep cutaneous depressions including the nasolabial folds.
  • Fillmed® M-HA 10: Skinbooster for improvement of skin tone and elasticity, and the filling of fine lines and superficial wrinkles.

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Are Fillmed® Products Safe?

Yes, Fillmed® products are very safe and produce a treatment that is well-tolerated in most patients. That being said, Fillmed® products are contraindicated in certain patients. Specifically, Fillmed® products should not be used to treat patients with a History Of Severe Allergy (with anaphylaxis), or with a history of multiple allergies; patients with a known history of allergy to any of the components of the products; patients with autoimmune disorders, or who are Receiving Immunosuppressive Therapy; patients presenting with active inflammation or infection (e.g., pimples, cysts, etc.) at the putative injection site as this increases the risk of infection. For further safety information on any Fillmed® product, including information about the contraindications of these products, Ask your doctor in Quitman, GA..

Side Effects of Fillmed®:

Some of the side effects that these products may cause include the following:

  • Skin Redness
  • Bruising
  • Mild Discomfort
  • Swelling
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Infection

Cautions To Take Fillmed®:

No Fillmed® injections should be administered:

  • Into The Veins
  • Muscles
  • In a Non-absorbable Filler Implanted Site.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Fillmed® filler?

Fillmed® fillers are to smooth out superficial to deep wrinkles, to plump up the lips, and to create or restore the volume and shape of the face, it is an exclusive collection of hyaluronic acid-based fillers

2. How much is Fillmed®?

The price of Fillmed® products is affordable and can vary from $60 to $269.

3. What is Fillmed®?

Fillmed® since 1978 has been developing anti-aging products that are being relied upon in the fields of surgery and dermatology, as well as aesthetics.